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Photo: Lise Skjæraasen

SIB LAB 2017 26. June-1st July 2017

Up'n Move by Sua Rusten and Annette Brandanger. Movement workshop

Creative Lab, Dance and visual concepts. By Annette Brandanger

"Et lite stykke kunst" Workshop about the meeting between movement and Visual art by Stange Kulturskole

Seminar/ Deep listening med Heloise Gold, Kristin Norderval og Helle Moum

At SIB Lab 2017 we were very excited about our new collaboration with Kunstbanken. 

This exciting art gallery in Hamar opened it's doors for collaborations. Which we accepted by making workshops, talks and improvisational tasks. 

During our stay at the venue the Gallery was exhibiting work by Julie Skarland. As we encountered the space in meeting with it's art we explored the space in which we were moving, the meeting with it's volume and the the inspirations created by moving as a group.

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