Skisser i bevegelse - SIB 

SIB is an organisation based in Hamar, Norway. The board is formed by 4 members and the SIB Lab is managed and administered by Annette Brandanger. Our mission is to join dance artist together to collaborate through creativity and exploration. 

Org nr: 912 484 726 (stiftet 2013)

Our collaborators: 

Teater Innlandet


SIB Dance Lab

Every year SIB organises a Lab event for professionals. The project takes place in Hamar, Norway. Read more

The Team

Annette Brandanger (AD)

Michelle Flagstad (Producer)

Artistic committee 

Cecilie Sleppen Ålskog 

Maria Lothe

Line Joten 

Ingeborg Bjerke Styve

Track Record of workshops @ SIB-Lab through the years

Embodied Practice (UK/ FR) 

Terje Tjøme Mossige (NO)

Hagit Yakira (IL)

Walk lola Walk (GR)

Thomas Goodwin (UK)

Iona Kewney (UK)


BodyCartography (US/NZ)

Scarlett Perdereau ( FR/ UK)


Heloise Gold and Kristin Norderval (US/NO): Deep body listening.   


Cecilie Sleppen Ålskog (NO):


Janne Camilla Lyster (NO) 


Manuel Ronda (IT): 


Suzie Davis and Mattias  Ekholm (UK/ SE): DEED 


Sua Rusten (NO/ TH): 


Marianne Kjærsund (NO): 


Gabby Rose (AU): 


Helle Moum Levang (NO):

Karen Høybakk Mikalsen (NO): 

Jorge Crecis (UK/ES)


Photographer Jesus Rubisco (UK/ ES): 


Stella Howard (UK):

Maren Wedøe (NO): 


Gull Øzger (NO): 

Mirela Kolo (CH): 


Annette Brandanger (NO) 


Alenka Herman (UK/SI)

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