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Skisser i bevegelse - SIB 

Skisser i bevegelse/ Sketches of Movement is an organisation based in Norway formed by dance artists. We work to promote contemporary dance by creating opportunities where artists can meet and connect, and keep thinking forward.

What is dance NOW?

Every year SIB Dance Lab organises a range of different opportunities; workshops, performances, discussions, social gatherings and more. The project takes place in Hamar, Norway. (Link to read more)

The Team

Annette Brandanger (AD)

Justina Brazaite (Producer)

Frida Vorgaard (Project facilitator)​

Line Joten (Project facilitator)


Line Joten

Frida Vorgaard

Annette Brandanger

Org nr: 912 484 726 (stiftet 2013)

Track Record of workshops @ SIB-Lab through the years:

Scarlett Perdereau (FR/UK)

Marianne Kjærsund (NO) og Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn (NO)

Elizabeth Svarstad (NO)

Ulf Nilseng (NO)

Ingvild Marstein Olsen (NO)

Margrete Slettbø (NO)

Anders Engebretsen (NO)

Sarjo Sankareh (NO/GM)

Francesco Scavetta ( IT)/ Cancelled due to Covid-19 


Frida Vorgaard (NO)

Ragnhild Reinsberg (NO)

Hillevi Larsson (NO)

Embodied Practice (UK/ FR) 

Terje Tjøme Mossige (NO)

Hagit Yakira (IL)

Walk lola Walk (GR)

Thomas Goodwin (UK)

Iona Kewney (UK)


BodyCartography (US/NZ)

Scarlett Perdereau (FR/ UK)


Heloise Gold and Kristin Norderval (US/NO): Deep body listening.   


Cecilie Sleppen Ålskog (NO):


Janne Camilla Lyster (NO) 


Manuel Ronda (IT)


Suzie Davis and Mattias Ekholm (UK/ SE): DEED 


Sua Rusten (NO/ TH)

Marianne Kjærsund (NO) 

Gabby Rose (AU)

Helle Moum Levang (NO)

Karen Høybakk Mikalsen (NO)

Jorge Crecis (UK/ES)


Photographer Jesus Rubisco (UK/ ES)


Stella Howard (UK)

Maren Wedøe (NO)


Gull Øzger (NO)

Mirela Kolo (CH)


Annette Brandanger (NO) 


Alenka Herman (UK/SI)

A brief history of SIB Dance Lab

The SIB Dance Lab Project started in 2009 when two local dance practitioners called upon their network from previous student years and created a laboratory for movement creation in their home town of Hamar. SIB stands for "Skisser i bevegelse" translated sketches of movement. The idea is to create a space where movement can be explored, developed, created and reconstructed, where dance practitioners from different cultures and backgrounds can meet, exchange experiences and thrive.


In 2013 SIB became an organisation with 4 board members. 


The main activity for the organisation is to run the SIB Dance Lab each summer, in addition we also organise weekend workshops, training opportunities and choreography. 


In 2016 SIB created it's first choreographic work, "TYGGIS, BESTEFAR, KJÆRLIGHET - jeg tenker ofte på universet og hvordan det hele henger sammen" by choreographers Annette Brandanger and Cecilie Sleppen Ålskog. This was a site specific work where professionals and amateurs worked together.


In 2018 SIB was part of a big collaboration to build new structures for dance in Hedmark. DansINN was created and formed as an organisation in 2019. DansINN now exsists as an umbrella organisation connecting all dance activities locally. 


SIB collaborates with local venues. These are

Teater Innlandet


PS: Dans

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