SIB-Lab is an opportunity for dancers, movers, choreographers, pedagogues, creators.


Do you have the need for a creative space, are you looking to connect with other dancers, interested in researching movement, explore artistic practice or create work. 

We believe that sharing practice creates inspiration and good collaborations. Hamar is a place where the art of dance is thriving. Our dance community is a diverse and motivated, creative group of movers who support each other in building up a great environment for those who love the art of dance.  

SIB-lab is a platform where we offer inspirational workshops with great artist who are invited to share their research and practice with us. We offer opportunities, time and space, for participants to share their own work with the group. We offer space where you can simply work and move on your own or with others. 

We want SIB to ba a space where great artists meet to expand their network, build future 

collaborations and develop ideas.

Having the opportunity to spend time in the studio with other artists is a golden opportunity. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience between us all.


SIB-Lab is free to attend! We encourage those who wish to attend to apply for travel grants, please contact us if there is anything we can provide you with in order to strengthen your application. 



Lisa Ullmann travel grant

The History of SIB-Lab

The SIB Project started in 2009 when two local dance practitioners called upon their network from  previous student years and created a laboratory for movement creation in their home town of Hamar. SIB stands for "Skisser i bevegelse" translated sketches of movement. The Idea is to create a space where movement can be researched, explored, created, reconstructed, where dance practitioners from different culture and background can meet, exchange experiences and thrive. 

SIB grew to become and organisation in 2013 and is now run by 4 board-members. 

The main activity for the organisation is to run the SIB Lab each summer, in addition we also organise weekend workshops, daily training and choreography. 

SIB artistic outreach work: 

In 2016 SIB created it's first choreographic work as collaborators. the choreographers Annette Brandanger and Celine Sleppen Ålskog created a Site-responsive piece which was part of a Art Trail. The choreography is recognised by the name of "TYGGIS,BESTEFAR,KJÆRLIGHET- jeg tenker ofte på universet og hvordan det hele henger sammen" 

The project participated at TILT Innlandet/ Panta Rei. The project was called Ung i stange and involved a collaboration of professional dancers and young dancers.

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