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work by: Alenka Herman

                            Mirela Kolo

Annette Brandanger

SIB LAB 2019

Where it all started....

SIB LAB started in 2009. Gyda Eide and Annette Brandanger, the initiators of the project saw the need to accommodate space and facilities for artistic work in dance. An open call was posted to attract the local artists, but Gyda and Annette also wanted to invite international guests. Both of them studied abroad and therefor the initiativ to do an open call beyond boarders were a no-brainer. The first year The choreographer Mirela Kolo from Switzerland and Alenka Herman from Slovenia joined the project. Annette Brandanger herself presented her work Acubic 1 and Kristina Korsnes was invited as part of the young artist project.

A total of 11 participants joined the first SIB Lab which was presented in June 2009. The Lab lasted a week. The participants were working together as a collective, researching and developing ideas of the working artists. The work was showed public as part of a work in progress viewing.    

Choreographers: Mirela Kolo, Alenka Herman, Kristina Korsnes, Annette Brandanger

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