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Iona Kewney 

SIB-Lab 2018



‘The Inside out shout’.

‘Becoming the other’ through distorting physical technique and language of movement.

Deconstructing anatomical vocabulary to amplify and focus on detail and become different states of being. 

The awareness of the in between Spaces and time. Hyper senses and mental transportation.


TRAINING to open-up the unique range of our bodies capacity and dynamics with energizing power stretching, strength and floorwork.

Intensive warm-up through sport, release and handstand based structure. 

Improvisational methods of my theories on movement and art.


About You and the ability to become / feel something else through dance and thought.

PHOTO: Michel Nicolas

Giving life to Movement.

Visualisation through physicality and its power and fragility in extremes, limitations, silences and relentless underlying will power. 

Quality of technical movement in dance and its breakdown and building of form.

Fragmentation, layers and detail of descriptive torsion in a sculptural, highly physical or emotional commitment with euphoria, control and loss.

Working from inner landscapes of thought and the organs charged with their own vibration of emotive energies and pulse of sound feeding the urgency of now and change. 


Using the scope of being human; life as the source, as the art, as the reason, a beast with history, in a realist and surrealist context.

This content is at large relevant today as it could be hundreds of years ago, as it touches on human emotion which we can all relate too. 


Interaction of different bodies in different euphoria or states of being becoming one through direct actions, vibration and scape of emotional content we shape and project together.


By investigation of the oddity of the body and how this can be used to portray/become the unique simplicity or complexity of form depending on the ways of projecting such anatomical, visionary and visceral ingredients.


The work is a metamorphosis of information. listening, choreography of space and possibility within and out with each individual for the capacity to see, feel and create.”

To learn more about Iona Kewney's work:

BASIC NOTE: Dance. High Physical. Detail techniques. Handstand. contortions. Floorwork. Artistic vison. Mentality of movement. Anatomy. Improvisation. The body in action. 


Methods of movement through physical training and imagination with;

-Inner visions.


-Lived information and emotion.

-Deconstruction of technique for quality of abandon and control.

-Body segmentation and physical displacement.

-Improvisation structures.

-The anatomy of states.

-Invention through active dreaming.

-Speeds, space and timing.


-Drawing the body in space.

-Physical training and Stretching.

-Capacity for change.


Iona has performed with her own creations and works in 23 countries and hundreds of major theatres and festivals since 1998 continuing to this present day. 

She trained as a visual artist at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee graduating 1995 with a 1st class BA Hons in Fine Art Printmaking. 

Her works in visual, sonic and physical arts have always been overlapping, combining and interrelated.

For years iona toured the world in creations with both Belgian icons of dance – ALAIN PLATEL/Les Ballets C de La B and WIM VANDEKEYBUS/Ultima Vez.

SNDO- School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. 1996.1997.1998.

Iona Kewney Performances. 1996- 2018 onwards. 

Wim Vandekeybus- Ultima Vez.  1999.2000.2001.

Cirkuspiloterna (now DOCH), Alby/ Stockholm. 2003.2004.2005

Alain Platel -Les Ballets C de la B 2005.2006.2007. 

British Dance Edition Award. 2010. Choreographic Futures Award UK 2012. Creative Scotland Quality Productions Award/Funding 2014/2015.

Circus Next/ Jeunes Talents du cirque Laureate 2012/2013.

Iona Kewney and Company 2017onwards.

OTHER: Peter Verhelst. Mark Bruce. Martin Butler. Augustin Rebetez. Add N to (X). Chris Watson. Gina Czarnecki. Fennesz. Joseph Quimby. Racehorse Company. Conrad Shawcross. Trio AAB. Yves de Mey. Manuel Vason. 

Background in Competitive Tennis, Gymnastics, bicycle messenger and long distance cycling.

Presently iona performs and creates large scale art work installations, collaborates with musicians and presents her company works internationally. 






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